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Guillotine [Swordz] - Raekwon featuring Ghost Face Killer, Inspektah Deck & Genius

You might recognize this song from the Boondocks, the Ni—a moments episode…Original hard core rap. Love the theme, love the lyrics.

One thing for sure Wu will always be timeless…

Ironically though listening to this track it sounds so modern but guess what

This song is from the 90’s

Poisonous paragraphs, smash ya phonograph
in half, it be the Inspectah Deck on the warpath
First class leavin mics with a cast
Causin ruckus like the aftermath when guns blast
Run fast, here comes the verbal assaulta
Rhymes runnin wild like a child in a walker
I scored from the inner slums abroad
And my thoughts are razor sharp I sliced the mic from the cord
First they criticize, but now they have become
mentally paralyzed with hits that I devise
Now I testify, the rest is I, Rebel INS
Ya highness, blessed to electrify
with voltage of an eel, truth that I reveal’ll
crush the amateurs who screamed to keep it real
Caesar black down hoodied up and fatigues
Part time minor leagues receive third degrees
Attack like a wolf pack, once I pull back
the God-U, and bust through like a fullback

Rating: 5 stars —- Classic

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